Meet The Encore Life Coach


Linda Jensen - Life Coach | Encore Life DesignHer

Hello, my name is Linda Jensen, Encore Life DesignHer and Owner/Operator of Encore Life Design. I am a Professional Life Coach certified through both the Life Purpose Institute and Stanford's Design Your Life Coaching Program. I hold graduate degrees in both Counseling and Educational Psychology. I have extensive experience in Non-profit Program Design, Development, and Management where I used Design Thinking for social innovation. I  now apply this approach to Life Design for 'Women 50 and Forward'.  My mission is to help women reconnect to their true nature to rediscover their voice, their purpose, and their mastery to make these years a real Encore- our best and most meaningful performance.

What Is Encore Life Design?

Encore Life Design embraces the process of Design Thinking to empower 'Women 50 and Forward' towards a transformative path to a Purposeful, Satisfying, and Impactful Next Chapter of Life. Design Thinking is a human centered approach to problem solving that can lead to innovation that truly fits the potential user. As a Design Your Life Coach, I help clients work through the following design stages:

  Empathy: To empathize is to truly understand the user YOU... This includes:

  • The Now YOU:  What you do, what you think, what you want.
  • The True YOU:  Who you are at your true nature and authentic core.
  • The New YOU:  What you care about and what success looks like now, particularly as it relates to work/service, relationships/social connection, health/wellness and play/leisure.

Define: Integrates collected information to ascertain where client opportunities and problems exist and begins the narrowing process to an Encore Career/Life Vision

Ideate: Imagining possibilities - brainstorming a range of crazy ideas both in and outside the box and creating a variety of Odyssey Plans for exploration.

Prototype: Working through a specified decision-making process to narrow down and choose an idea for further exploration. Creating a low-stakes manifestation of the idea to share with others for feedback (it's essentially a rough draft of an Encore Life Plan).

Test: Continue to research and test out your plan; creating an action plan that includes short and long-term action steps; trouble shooting blocks and making your encore life happen. At each step, the bias is towards both thinking and action. Clients work to build awareness through both conversation, reflection, and action steps. The outcome goal for each client engaged in an Encore Life Design Lab is a doable Encore Life Plan as it relates to the chosen category. 

What's Next?


Life transitions like moving into or thinking about retirement can be an exciting and invigorating time in life but they can also be stressful. Transitions often force us to adapt to different life situations and challenges our sense of identity.  In each of the transitions that we make, we must tune into our emerging selves to discover the authentic/essential self that wants a voice now. We can only let go of past or broke stories when we can imagine a new one, a better one. 

Encore Career


An Encore Career is one that broadens the definition of  work to include purpose, passion and paycheck. It forgoes the traditional  idea of retirement to invest in a new state of life defined by social impact-working to make money and difference .  An Encore Career invites a second calling for good. 

Badass BoomHER


After decades in the workforce fighting for human rights and social change, Baby Boomers are determined to continue to put their experience to work in new ways to empower and create meaningful change. Badass BoomHers offer a windfall of talent which can be used to help innovate and propel a new generation of social solutions to life's pressing problems.