Encore Life Design Labs

I work with clients to help them achieve their goals primarily through what I am calling the Encore Life Design Lab. The Encore Life Design Lab is a 9-week package  for each of the target groups: Women in Transition, Encore Career and Badass BommHER. I also fascilitate Mastermind Groups in each of the categories for peer-to- peer problem solving and ongoing support.


  • 8 individual 55-minute coaching sessions via on-site or Zoom
  •  On-line interactive workbook that provides informational content and exercises for self-discovery and understanding plus  e-mail  interaction from me
  •  2 Mastermind group discussions via on-site or Zoom
  •  2 follow up coaching calls after lab completion to support ongoing progress
  •  Ongoing individual life coaching sessions as needed




My coaching is grounded in the principles and practices of Design Thinking which is a human centered approach to problem solving that can lead to innovation that truly fits the potential user. As a Design Your Life coach, I help clients work through the following design stages:

1. Empathy: To empathize is to truly understand the user "YOU". This includes:

  • The Now You: what you do, what you think, what you want.
  • The True You: who you are at your true nature and authentic core.
  • The New You: what you care about and what success looks like now, particularly as it relates to work/service, relationships/social connection, health/wellness and play/leisure.

2. Define: Integrates collected information to ascertain where client opportunities and problems exist and begins the narrowing process to an encore career/life vision.

3. Ideate: Imagining possibilities- brainstorming a range of crazy ideas both in and outside the box and creating a variety of Odyssey Plans for exploration.

4. Prototype: Working through a specified decision-making process to narrow down and choose an idea for further exploration. Creating a low-stakes manifestation of the idea to share with others for feedback (it's essentially a rough draft of an encore life plan).

5. Test: Continue to research and test out your plan, creating an action plan that includes short and long-term action steps; trouble shooting blocks and making your encore life happen.
At each step, the bias is towards both thinking and action. Clients work to build awareness through both conversation, reflection, and action steps.

The outcome goal for each client engaged in an Encore Life Design Lab is a doable Encore Life Plan as it relates to the chosen category.